Structure Formation in Ni Superalloys During High-Speed Direct Laser Deposition

O. G. Klimova-Korsmik, G. A. Turichin, E. V. Zemlyakov, K. D. Babkin, P. V. Petrovsky, A. I. Travyanov

Additive technologies are replacing the conventional methods of casting and subsequent time-consuming machining because of its high productivity. Resent engineering development in the field of additive manufacturing allows increasing assortment of useful powder materials. Technology of high-speed direct laser deposition (HSDLD) is a one of most perspective new technologies. It allows realizing heterophase process during the manufacturing, which there is process of partial melting of used powder is realized. The product is formed from a metal powder, which is supplied by compressed gas-powder jet directly into the laser action zone, wherein the jet can be as coaxial and as non-coaxial. More...

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