Design, simulation and optimization of an additive laser‐based manufacturing process for gearbox housing with reduced weight made from alsi10mg alloy

Magerramova, L., Isakov, V., Shcherbinina, L., Gukasyan, S., Petrov, M., Povalyukhin, D., Volosevich, D., Klimova‐korsmik, O.

(2022) Metals, 12 (1), статья № 67.

КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: The gas turbine engineʹs (GTE) development aims for the increasing the efficiency, strength, reliability and safety of its components. To create competitive engines, housing parts and components with high functionality and reduced weight are needed. Especially difficult in the design and production are the gearboxes for aviation GTE. Traditional technologies based on precision casting or material forming operations have significant limitations due to the complexity of fulfilling multiple different requirements. Nowadays, one of the progressive production techniques is additive manufacturing. The article presents the results of computational and experimental studies that substantiate the applicability of laser additive technology to reduce the mass of body parts by up to 15% while ensuring their strength properties. The physical and mechanical characteristics of aluminum alloys acceptable for the manufacturing of housing parts were analyzed. The necessary characteristics of the powder alloy of the Al‐Si system and the technological parameters of the L‐PBF of the modified housing of the gear reducer are established. Using the finite element method (FEM) the L‐PBF process was numerically simulated and the technological modes for synthesis of the AlSi10Mg alloy powder were optimized. With the help of a serial 3D printer ProX320DMP, the prototype of a gear housing was manufactured.

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