Investigation of the technological possibility of laser hardening of stainless steel 14cr17ni2 to a deep depth of the surface

Somonov, V., Tsibulskiy, I., Mendagaliyev, R., Akhmetov, A.

(2022) Metals, 12 (1), статья № 5.

КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: The article presents the results of a research of the process of laser hardening of steel 14Cr17Ni2 (AISI 431) by radiation of a high‐power fiber laser LS‐16. Assessment of the theoretically possible maximum depth in laser processing without additional beam transformations, the use of additional coatings and devices were shown. The results of experiments on increasing the depth of the hardened layer during laser processing by using scanning of the laser beam and optimally selected mode parameters without scanning are demonstrated. The influence of the number of passes on the depth of the hardened layer is investigated. The microstructure of hardened samples was studied and quantitative estimation of structural components was carried out. The microhardness of hardened samples at different modes of laser hardening was measured.

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