High-power fiber laser welding of high-strength aa7075-t6 aluminum alloy welds for mechanical properties research

El-Batahgy, A.-M., Klimova-Korsmik, O., Akhmetov, A., Turichin, G.

(2021) Materials, 14 (24), статья № 7498.


КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: The results disclosed that both the microstructure and mechanical properties of AA7075-T6 laser welds are considerably influenced by the heat input. In comparison with high heat input (arc welding), a smaller weld fusion zone with a finer dendrite arm spacing, limited loss of alloying elements, less intergranular segregation, and reduced residual tensile stress was obtained using low heat input. This resulted in a lower tendency of porosity and hot cracking, which improved the welded metal’s soundness. Subsequently, higher hardness as well as higher tensile strength for the welded joint was obtained with lower heat input. A welded joint with better mechanical properties and less mechanical discrepancy is important for better productivity. The implemented high-power fiber laser has enabled the production of a low heat input welded joint using a high welding speed, which is of considerable importance for minimizing not only the fusion zone size but also the dete-rioration of its properties. In other words, high-power fiber laser welding is a viable solution for recovering the mechanical properties of the high-strength AA 7075-T6 welds. These results are en-couraging to build upon for further improvement of the mechanical properties to be comparable with the base metal.


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