An extended analytical solution of the non-stationary heat conduction problem in multi-track thick-walled products during the additive manufacturing process

Mukin, D., Valdaytseva, E., Turichin, G., Vildanov, A.

(2021) Materials, 14 (23), статья № 7291.

КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: An analytical model has been developed for calculating three-dimensional transient temperature fields arising in the direct deposition process to study the thermal behavior of multi-track walls with various configurations. The model allows the calculation of all characteristics of the temperature fields (thermal cycles, cooling rates, temperature gradients) in the wall during the direct deposition process at any time. The solution of the non-stationary heat conduction equation for a moving heat source is used to determine the temperature field in the deposited wall, taking into account heat transfer to the environment. The method considers the size of the wall and the sub-strate, the change in power from layer to layer, the change in the cladding speed, the interpass dwell time (pause time), and the heat source trajectory. Experiments on the deposition of multi-track block samples are carried out, as a result of which the values of the temperatures are obtained at fixed points. The proposed model makes it possible to reproduce temperature fields at various values of the technological process parameters. It is confirmed by comparisons with experimental thermo-couple data. The relative difference in the interlayer temperature does not exceed 15%.

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