Research of deformation compensation method in laser metal deposition process of 316L stainless steel product

Kovchik, A., Babkin, K., Vildanov, A.

(2021) Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2077 (1), статья № 012010.

КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: It is exists the problem of big product manufacturing with minimal dimensions tolerances. To solve this problem it is necessary to compensate the deformations influence. In researching of method, it became clear that deformation degree has changed and depended on size and form of part. However, the amount of deformation degree to dimension of part is still independent of size. This fact has observed after production of axis-symmetrical parts. The simple axis-symmetrical part was built up. The dimensions of part was measured, and the compensation coefficient was calculated. The dimensions of part was scaled on this coefficient for compensation of shrinkage effect. After that the experiment was repeated.

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