Effect of elevated temperatures on the mechanical properties of a direct laser deposited ti-6al-4v

Ivanov, S., Gushchina, M., Artinov, A., Khomutov, M., Zemlyakov, E.

(2021) Materials, 14 (21), статья № 6432.


КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: In the present work, the mechanical properties of the DLD-processed Ti-6Al-4V alloy were obtained by tensile tests performed at different temperatures, ranging from 20◦C to 800◦C. Thereby, the process conditions were close to the conditions used to produce large-sized structures using the DLD method, resulting in specimens having the same initial martensitic microstructure. According to the obtained stress curves, the yield strength decreases gradually by 40% when the temperature is increased to 500◦C. Similar behavior is observed for the tensile strength. However, further heating above 500◦C leads to a significant increase in the softening rate. It was found that the DLD-processed Ti-6Al-4V alloy had a Young’s modulus with higher thermal stability than conventionally processed alloys. At 500◦C, the Young’s modulus of the DLD alloy was 46% higher than that of the wrought alloy. The influence of the thermal history on the stress relaxation for the cases where 500◦C and 700◦C were the maximum temperatures was studied. It was revealed that stress relaxation processes are decisive for the formation of residual stresses at temperatures above 700◦C, which is especially important for small-sized parts produced by the DLD method. The coefficient of thermal expansion was investigated up to 1050◦C.


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