The strength of inconel 625, manufactured by the method of direct laser deposition under sub‐microsecond load duration

Promakhov, V., Schulz, N., Vorozhtsov, A., Savinykh, A., Garkushin, G., Razorenov, S., Klimova‐korsmik, O.

(2021) Metals, 11 (11), статья № 1796.

КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: This paper presents the results of measurements of the spall strength and elastic‐plastic proper‐ties, under dynamic and static loads, of the high‐strength heat‐resistant nickel‐chromium alloy Inconel 625, obtained by the direct laser deposition method. The structural parameters of the obtained samples and the mechanical properties during static tests were studied. According to our information, anisotropy in the structural parameters operates primarily at the level of plastic deformation of alloys. Shock compression of the additive alloy Inconel 625 samples in the range of 6–18 GPa was carried out using a light‐gas gun, both along and perpendicular to the direction of the deposition. The strength characteristics were determined from the analysis of the shock wave pro-files, which were recorded using the VISAR laser velocimeter during the loading of samples. It was found that the value of the spall strength of additive samples does not depend on the direction of deposition, and the Hugoniot elastic limit of samples loaded perpendicular to the deposition direction is about ~10% higher. With an increase in the maximum compression stress, the material’s spall strength increases slightly, but for both types of samples, a slight decrease in the Hugoniot elastic limit was observed as the compression stresses increase. On the basis of the measured wave profiles, shock Hugoniots of the samples of the alloy Inconel 625, loaded both along and perpendicular to the direction of deposition, are constructed in this pressure range.

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