Using a trial sample on stainless steel 316l in a direct laser deposition process

Vildanov, A., Babkin, K., Mendagaliyev, R., Arkhipov, A., Turichin, G.

(2021) Metals, 11 (10), статья № 1550.

КРАТКОЕ ОПИСАНИЕ: Direct laser deposition technology is used for the manufacture of large-size products with complex geometries. As a rule, trial samples with small dimensions are made to determine the deposition parameters. In order for the resulting products to have the required performance characteristics, it is necessary to minimize the number of internal macrodefects. Non-fusion between the tracks are defects that depend on the technological mode (power, speed, track width, etc.). In this work, studies have been carried out to determine the power level at which non-fusion is formed, dwell time between the tracks on the model samples. This paper considers the issue of transferring the technological parameters of direct laser deposition from model samples to a large-sized part, and describes the procedure for making model samples.

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